Quality and safety
Our foundations

Committed to the implementation of sustainable and environmental measures and quality certifications, we ensure safety and quality in all our processes in order to provide excellent products. We are equipped with the most advanced cosmetic technology and use the highest innovative, respectful and quality active ingredients.

Our Company
Tradition and Innovation

Laboratorios Belloch is the company behind Nelly. A family business, established in the 1950s, which has continued from generation to generation and whose purpose remains the same as the first day: to develop high quality products for hair and personal care. At Laboratorios Belloch we continue to share our passion and dedication to the world of cosmetics. For this reason, we strive to remain the epitome of quality, integrity, commitment and innovation.

International Presence

We have a strong presence in more than 40 countries, throughout the 5 continents, where millions of satisfied clients and consumers trust and use our products on a daily basis.

Our main values are based on the service and quality of our entire product portfolio, where the loyalty and strength of our brand, endorse us as a company being a key reference in the market of hair and body cosmetics throughout its history.

The fidelity to the Nelly brand endorse us as a company.

Quality and Best Practices

Our priority is the quality of all our products, processes and facilities. For this reason, we have an independent quality department integrated by professional experts and equipped with the most advanced technology.

Our professionals ensure the quality and excellence of all our products through exhaustive controls that guarantee their safety and results before, during and after each process.

Our facilities optimally meet the standards to achieve the best quality, while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of our products and our team.

We comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and we have different certifications that endorse us in each of our processes. For more information, see our Quality Policy.


Nelly has one of the largest and most technologically advanced production plants in Spain. We have a firm commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of our products, formulas and brands, which stems from a continuous search for excellence.

Likewise, our traceability system ensures compliance with the defined premises, both in the planning, supply and manufacturing stages, as well as in the sales and after-sales services.


We have one of the most advanced R+D+i laboratories, equipped with the latest technologies and integrated by highly qualified experts who work on the continuous improvement of our products and formulas, as well as on the development of innovative products with new active ingredients.

It is one of our key departments, the fundamental piece behind our success in the market.